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hi,many thanks to all how replied. I found the Birds stuff in Sainsburys, so will look at making it sontaclaire
hi,can anyone suggest an alternative to Dream whip I can find in the uk. I want to make a buttercream that uses it but can't get it here.thanskClaire
hi,thank u thank u . u are an angel I am so exited. Can't wait to try it outclaire
hi,thanks for that will give it a tryclaire
hi,thanks for your reply,does indydebi recipe need to be kept in the fridge, also what about custard does that have to be kept in the fridge. here in the uk, it doesn't get mega hot. So the temperature is not really an issuethanksclaire
Hi Icer101,does this need to be in the fridge??taClaire
hi diane,thanks for your reply. I have never tried 1/2 butter 1/2 trex. I really will give that a try.I assume that anything with cream and eggs (even cooked egg whites) can't be left out of the fridge for a couple of days.thanks againclaire
Hi,I am desparate for help please. I am in the UK. I only really use fondant, (sugarpaste) to cover and decorate my cakes. I have been reading through the recipe section on CC and some of the recipes for Buttercream and the cake filling are amazing. I really don't want to go down the road of putting my foundant covered cakes in the fridge. SOOOOOOWHat buttercream and filling recipes can I use. Can I use choc ganache as a filling?? I need to be able to have the cake...
hi,can anyone help me (again).I am going to attempt to temper chocolate to use doing choc transfers.My question is Do u have to use the tempered chocolate straight away? Can u let it go hard and melt it againagain thank u for taking the time to read and answercecb
hi,thanks for your reply. I must not have made myself clear. I know what the candy melts are but here in UK don't know what to use or where to buy instead of themWhite chocolate would have to be tempered I assume and don't want to go down that road as yetthanks for taking the time to replycecb
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