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Thanks so much for the tips I'll try freezing them.
HiI'm new to cake pops and would like to know if I can freeze the balls of cake and then dip them in the chocolate when I need them. Thanks
It looks like a type of Frangipani flower. Hope that helps you with a start in your search.
I too just bought an Agbay. I am soooooooo in LOVE with it, don't know how I ever lived without it.
I tried the wilton melts and had the same problem. So then I tried the Merkens Brand of melts and they were excellent. They left my cake pops with a lovely smooth, not too thick coat and they tasted really good.
Hi I want to make cake pops and am wondering if anyone in Australia knows where I can buy bulk candy melts from. Also would you know if anyone sells the merkens brand, I've read its easier to use than Wiltons. Thanks
So has no one in Australia tried this recipe yet??? If so would anyone have a buttercream recipe they love to use here in Australia, that they would be willing to share?
Hi just wanted to know if any Aussie's have tried Indydebi's buttercream recipe and if so what they used as a substitue for dream whip and crisco. Would love to finally be able to a nice buttercream, so far I haven't had to much luck. Thanks
Just to let you know golden syrup wont work. Not sure what you could substitude for corn syrup.
Mrs-A you should try peanut butter with jam, it's so good your missing out. Being Aussie I too love vegimite.
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