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Sounds easy enough, but it know sounding easy dosent always mean easy! Lol. Thank you so much for the help. I am looking forward to giving it a try!
thank you cai0331, I have been watching tutorials on ganache, and will have to start practicing with it. I hope its easy to apply to a tapered cake. lol   Do you have to do anything to the ganache to make the fondant stick to it? and how long do you wait for the ganache to dry before you put the fondant on?
wow, that's an amazing list of cake recipes. Thank you for sharing it. Have you ever used any of these recipes and do you know if they bake denser for carving?
well, thank you for the thought, but I live in Kansas.
winniemog, where do you buy the Belgian couverture chocolate at? smckinny07, what is the difference in a Dr. cake mix and a regular one? does the Dr. cake mix make it more dense? and  what would you suggest is the best way to doctor it best for carving?
thank you so much, so does it look fine to use a chocolate ganache on a white wedding cake with white fondant?
thank you, honestly I've never used ganache before, and really don't know the real purpose of it. Is it for flavor, or just to give you sharp edges, or what? Is it hard to cut into on a wedding cake? Do you use it with all flavor cakes? It does make since that it would give the support on the sides of a carved cake though.
I just realized the owner of this cake has her logo on the picture!
I would really appreciate some advice from all you cake carvers out there. I have carved a topsy turvy tapered cake once before and the next morning, the fondant had "elephant skinned" some in the middle but mostly toward the bottom of the cake. I a wanting to do a tapered wedding cake, not decorated like the one in the picture below, but tapered like it. (sorry I do not know who to give credit to for the beautiful cake, I did not make it obviously.) so my question is, is...
Thank you so much! I really appreciate the advice from you both!
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