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For 75 I would do a 12 and 10. The football is molded out of chocolate.. I just did a similar cake, although smaller. I charged $5 a slice. I am in NJ...
I am completely stuck on design ideas for a cake.. The cake is to honor someone resigning from weight watchers after many years. The client suggested to me a scale, but wants some additional ideas or components of it. Any thoughts?
I only do tastings for large orders and then I charge $25 for tasting up to 3 cake flavors/3 fillings - if they sign a contract, I deduct the $25 from the price of the cake.
I think given her age it's funny. Not saying all 21 year olds would do that but I certainly know a lot that would at least give it a try especially if it meant they got a cheaper show stopper cake. I also agree with JAson that she isn't asking for a free cake, just appears to be a huge discount
I would start with contacting a lawyer.
Here is one done in buttercream - looks quite involved to me.
. Thank you Jason I am actually well aware how to estimate costs for my business. My question was geared more toward the technique involved and I can't judge how involved it is or will take me.
I am having a major issue with pricing for this cake a client asked me info on...obviously because I am a bit intimidated of it and not sure if I need to be! If the link doesnt bring you right to it, It is the starry night by van gogh in the thumbnails. It will be for a sweet 16 not a topsy turvy just tiered plus the bottom tier will not be as detailed. She doesn't care if it is fondant or bc. Servings 90. Thanks
I use a vanilla pastry cream or vanilla pudding and then layer fresh sliced strawberries and bananas. I have also had people ask for it on chocolate which then you can layer it on a ganache or chocolate buttercream. If somebody just wants the fruit, I would heat up strawberries preserves and brush that on the cake layer then layer the fresh fruit and brush it lightly with more of the jam. It is by far my most requested filling...maybe it's a Jersey thing
I think it could be a combo of your icing and the mmf. I had the same feedback a few times when I used the same recipes you are using especially in cakes with rich fillings like peanut butter or cookies and cream. Mmf is VERY sweet compared to the brand names. I switched to a mixture of satin ice and mmf and I use an Italian meringue bc and people seem to like that combo much better.
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