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Ok back in October I stopped decorating cakes for a lack of time with my family because I have 2 other jobs.This almost cost my marriage, so i had to give up something. Since cake decorating was just a hobby for me (no$$) , i choose to stop and dedicate more time to my family life. If any one out there is starting a business in South Florida, I have a lot of decorating and baking supplies for sale. Just send me a private message if interested.
sorry i just don t have success at the attachment thing...didn t work in my post
i also want to thank all the cc members here, i leaned so much from this website, trics , s my first cake that i have a picture of:[img] last:[/img] favorite:
i don t know if this post is still active, but i have some questions...i saw a cute cake today here and it had so many compliments and favorites. I agree that is a real cute cake. But i m hurt a bit, i made a simillar cake not too long ago, barely had favorite (2) and i though it looked cute too!! this is for all my cakes, maybe i think my cakes are nice and i m the only one who sees that? Just wondering why...
everytime i made the ball cake, yes i sat it on a small piece or cardboard and supported it with plastic dowel but i also use a pound cake batter, so the ball stays firmer and do not collapse, keeps more its shape. hope this helps you!
i know how you felt. I thought i was so smart when i made mickey mouse club house head out of chocolate (my first mickey club cake) instead of styrofoam. OMG!!! what a mess !!! i was at the party in florida weather in august..... i SAW the head melting down...and ended a big chunk of black chocolate on top of the cake, i was so so shy...imagine i was THERE...what could i say to people at the party??? oh it is sooo hot!!! hello i should have figure that out before...
I just made one for my sister in law who turned also 23! like two weeks ago. so I gave it a tatoo/ed hardy type of look. you can see it in my pictures. good luck!
I have someone asking me for this and I looked online but don't find nothing really. It is just sliced fresh strawberries and whipped cream but do I need to add other ingredients? thank you
It is frustrating because now I have smooth perfect bc on one side of the cake and then the decorations or the best piping on another side!! GRRR!!
that right after I frost the cake with bc or put the fondant, I decide that one side of the cake will be the front of the cake because it looks better. As I go on with decorating, that better side of the cake becomes the worst!! It happens to me every time !! wonder if it happens to other cc members too?
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