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thanks everyone 
i recently did a cake covered in fondant... as i was covering the cake it started to tear. The fondant i rolled out was fairly thin. should it have been thicker? what can i do so that it doesnt tear when covering the cake?? Thanks :)
thank u! this helps!
bakery crafts has a plastic one i like to use. not sure how to order it though. when i worked at the walmart bakery we ordered from there. maybe you can talk the bakery manager into selling you one?! (if you are near a walmart)
i am making a standing barbie cake. i have done many with buttercream but this will be the first one i do with fondant! i want the front of the dress to have ruffles. what is the best way to do the ruffles (with fondant)? ive watched a few diferent youtube videos but i wanted to get some other opinions/options... thanks, Monica  
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