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I use the crusting cream cheese frosting from this site and use it under fondant all the time without issue. I do however cover cakes after being well chilled and keep them in the fridge after covering in fondant.
I charge late fees on wedding cakes. If the final payment is not submitted 30 days before the event, they get charged $25 per day it is late (and I send reminders 1-2 weeks before the final payment is due). I have easily charged $150 in late fees in the past year....
Oh I hope someone tells me it does... going on three years now and I still let out a deep breathe after each delivery...
Good Luck! At least you were preparing for it... I once had the wrong weekend... I had it in my head(and on the signed contract) that it was the Sat after it was supposed to be.
I don't understand Bob... How do I publish them in a print magazine myself?
I contacted two local magazines (one bridal and one not), and they will only feature advertisers. The bridal one said the only way to "showcase" my cakes otherwise is to have a photographer submit a wedding for one of their "Real Wedding" features.
I third
I just buy the 5 lbs box of Wilton to cover my dummies. It usually runs about $22 and I use a 40-50% off coupon from Michael's. I can easily cover a 6, 8, 10 round with that much fondant.
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