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Just wanted to add my 2 cents of CONGRATULATIONS on your new job. I bet before long you're gonna be decorating there. YIPPPPEEEEE! Please keep us posted of how the job is going for you. Have fun.
Hands down my Kitchenaid mixer (aka Blue Beauty)...does anyone else name their mixer???? I don't know how I ever did it with my handheld mixer....ugh!Just recently started buying the Magic Line 2" pans. Can't wait to try them.SugarShack's Buttercream DVD....what a godsend for me. Thanks Sharon!!! Next one will be the Fondant DVD.My next important purchase will be a dig camera so I can take pics instantly of my cakes. I'm fighting this all the way...I'm from the 35mm film...
Yippeee!!! A new cake show!! I just watched it and I LOVED it...everything about it. What an amazing talent Buddy has...couldn't believe his piping skills. Unbelievable. Can't wait till the next show. I want to work in that bakery....yesireeeee!
Wendl...$3000!!!!! Holy crap....for filth, leaks, mold, warping. Sounds like a good deal....NOT. Is the landlord nuts?notjustcake....don't mean to pee on your parade, but it sounds like everyone else says, GREED. Have you looked around to see if maybe you can find a place of your own? Not sure where you live, but there just might be something out there. I just rented a free standing building for $200 for the first 6 months and then rent goes up to $300 a month, it used to...
OH NO...I spend too much time on here and now I've got to check out the blogs what's a baker to do....yeah I know...get off the computer and go bake. Anyhoo...I'm going to check out everyone's blog that's posted here and see what new things I can find. LEAH....thanks for this post.Summernoelle....checked yours out already and WOW on your cakes!!!
HerBoudoir....thanks so much for the info on making your own vanilla. Can't wait to try it...sounds yummy. I'm also gonna be adventurous and try making the lime, lemon and orange extracts. YIPPEEE! your avatar!!!
thanks MacsMom for the quick reply!!!!!!!!!!
MacsMom....what size are the 2 jars of red food coloring? Thanks so much in advance.
Chocolate Scotchies.......yuuuummmmy!!!!
OMGosh!!!!! This thread is many ideas and I'm not sure which one I want to try first.MacsMom....thanks for all the different flavor combos. Not sure if it's been asked/answered or not..but which ones do you find that are your clients favorites?
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