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Truly??? Good grief, I thought they were just costed into the cost of the cake. Even washed, I wouldn't ask for those back.... New cake = new dowels.   Like the cake boards...I cost that into my final costing....whether it be a 6 inch or 22 inch...  they belong to the customer.   Next, people will be asking for a bit of washed ribbon back........ lollllllll   Bluehue
these are tappits and this link gives you a pictorial tutorial   They are very easy to use.. Best bit of advise...after rolling out your fondant or gumpaste...allow either to sit and air dry for a good 4 minutes or so. That way when you use your tappit, the actual shape wont stretch and drag.   After tapping the shape out of the bench...again, let it sit for a good 4 minutes or so - tht way it will have dried enough for...
You *got there* Melinda...and that's the main thing - well done. Clever idea using the chocolate to make the chess pieces.   Wondering why your ganache kept splitting on the top tier - can I ask - what kind of white chocolate did you use for the ganache?   Hmmm, the CA fondant - I have heard from others that's it can be icky to work with - haven't tried it myself... But then we had higher that usual temps this past week.... and the humidity was rather high...   Yes, that is what these candles are - Bullet Candles... Maybe you didn't see my post further up the page......shrug.     Bluehue     I think I may have found you a company that  will ship to the States tealbox   Here is something they have written on their website.... which makes me think they will - well I hope so.     We are required to automatically charge and withhold the applicable GST for orders to be delivered to addresses within Australia. Each customer shall be solely responsible for all sales taxes, or other taxes,...
Oh offense taken I am thick skinned lollllllllllllllllllllllllll   All is  good petal I know how to laugh at myself.... lolllllllllllllllll   Bluehue
Glad I have given two people something to loll about....  The world needs more lollllllll   Its a bit of a giggle actually - how some wait  before offering any advice - instead of just lurking on the sidelines to see what others might say....and then charge in................ lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.   Huge giggle also how some will never agree with anything I type......................just because. now that's funny.   Bluehue
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