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ughhhhhh -  hoping that everything dries for you.... its times like this one could just bang ones head against the wall - isn't it? Where are those angles with shiny halos when you need them Like the ironing fairy -   Bluehue
A few years ago I had a huge wedding order for cupcakes... I went to my local baker and asked if I could buy/hire/have a loan some large stackable bread crates... Each bread crate held 90 cupcakes...................perfect. Not sure where in the world you are...but this is what I am talking about... here in...
  I just checked a packet that I opened about 2 weeks ago - still smooth. Opened brand new packet I bought on Saturday - again, its smooth.   Gritty! most odd. Can you tip the packet out into a large freezer bag and have a good look through it. Can you see any little dark bits - if so - wrap  the bag up tightly and throw in the bin     Oh, you haven't bought corn meal by any chance have you - that's gritty compared to corn flour
Don't hit the ok button yet petal - I am off to pm you.... Blue
No, some countries don't deal with PayPal directly per sae - so it needs to go through a secondary payment system.... thus why Anna would have had to ok the message she got - so as this could be done... (and again I say - that's why she got the order number)..... and IF you do not know anything about that secondary system and you do not know how secure it is - s**t can happen.... Sure, they can take your money - but you might never get your goods - and once it leaves pay...
    Anna -   PARK ZU BUM is here Seoul , south Korea and is this the etsy shop you bought the items from?   So from what I can gather - you have gone on line to buy some or one Paf Mold You have paid in American Dollars...but because the items are coming from Seoul in South Korea - they wont accept American dollars so it needs to be converted to their currency before the order...
FSsf Showing the mat that Ellawillow has just come back into stock...  over here in Auatralia   Bluehue
I Goggled the Sugar Veil Home page for you   This link will show you all the vendors that you can source through - OR you could  email Sugar Veil direct as they do online shopping....     Bluehue
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