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Thanks all for the input I have check out several of the places here on the web. And of course I was at Hobby Lobby and got 4 of the mugs with them on Clearance for 75% off. So I think I am set for now.Thanks again, you guys never fail to make sure someone has an answer. Cheryl
I am looking for a cookie cutter, that after the cookie is made it sits on the edge of a coffee or tea cup. Have seen some cute ones made up but cannot find the cookie cutter. Of course I am probably using the wrong term for searching, there is probably a specific name for them.Thanks, I know I can always count on the people here to have the answers.Cheryl
thanks again all for the information and encouragement. I will try some of these things. And visit the stores in VA. The only local one I go to regualrlly is Little Bitts. I visit one up near frederick sometimes too.
My artistic abilities are not good at all so making my own is not an option. But thanks for the information.Also if you have not tried it, do so as soon as you can get your hands on some. I love them, as they make things look very nice with very little effort. Just dip and lay them down on the sheet like you normally would. Done! I don't mind things being difficult or taking extra time, but when I am trying to get things done in a hurry because I need so many, these...
I do not sell my things, but give them to families, friends and others. I have been doing some chocolates for soliders and their families, I am getting ready to start looking at making things for valentines day. I love the transfer sheets, but do not like the price. The price I can get them for is $5 a piece. Does anyone know of a place online where I can get for less? thanks in advance for the help.Cheryl
I just had to post on this one. My granddaughter came over before Christmas to make chocolate covered pretzel rods and was floored by my sprinkles. We got a really bit laugh out of it. I have a silvertone stand that has 2 levels that held candy jars (used it for wedding candy buffett) I took the jars off the bottom shelf and replaced them with the clear bottles that sprinkles come in after I removed the labels. I change them for the different holidays. The only...
Thanks for the tips. I will try all these things and see if I get better results.
I have purchased several spinning leaf molds for covering oreos with chocolate. I cannot get them to come out of the mold with out "falling apart" , the different colors of chocolate will not come out of the molds and the cookies get stuck. does anyone have any tips?Thanks in advance,Cheryl
I am a Little Bitts girl myself. I have taken classes there and buy my things there. They are jam packed with stuff and even if you cannot find what you are looking for, someone there will know exactly where it is. Love, the staff and owners. Like someone else said the downside is parking.
I use it all the time for different things. It is very good. It does well in cakes but my favorite thing to use it in is a dessert that is layered with graham crackers. If you can find the Gingerbread ones it is even better.
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