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Any Sobeys store will do an edible image for you for 10, just copy the labels and they will print them for you.
There is a cake on the "most saved today" With a fabric look middle. Does anyone know if there is a tutorial for this technique???
How do you add color to SMBC..... when I added color it all separated??? I have looked on the forums and cannot find anything so any help would be appreciated. Thanks
I have made my cake. It is about 4 3/4 inches tall. I only have 4" SPS pillars. Does the pillar have to go ALL the way down to the cake base or if I insert they as far down as i can, will it be stable?????? I have to drive over an hour with this cake and I don't want it to collapse......ANY help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks Katie
I am doing a wedding cake for my niece in July and she wants damask cut outs on her cake. Does anyone know where to get some cutters this style?????? I can only find the Stephen Benison ones and they are "pretty" pricey! Thanks for any help.
I have PM you the link
http://www.sugarcraft. com/catalog/wedding/MS1.jpg
I have an order for an egg free and sugar free cake and frosting.... Does anyone out there know of a recipe for cake and frosting that is both egg and sugar free??????
Does anyone know where you can buy Fondx in Canada????
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