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You can do the square cakes but stack them in different directions. You know, not having the flat side facing front. Have them so the point faces you alternating each one facing the other way. I hope I am explaining correctly. Or make the squares look like books and then top with the grad cap and add a rolled diploma on one tier.
How about using JanH's idea but doing an edible image? Most supermarket bakeries will do it for around $8 for an 8x10 sheet. I did this for my son's 3rd birthday the year that the Incredibles came out. I just took a print out of the "I" symbol and had my supermarket bakery print out a sheet for me; then I went home and make a rectangular cake and made a shell border in a coordinator color and added the edible image right in the center. The kids thought it was awesome and...
Is she having the wedding at the hotel where her daughter works? Would they even allow outside cakes? In my opinion, if you are going to squeeze this in before your trip, it should be worth your while. Charge her your normal pricing plus the "last minute rush" fee. Your time is money. And get the full amount in cash before you measure a cup of flour. Otherwise you will feel miserable all during your vacation if she turns out to be a flake.
I bake at 350 degrees F. usually for about 40 minutes. I use a metal skewer to test it at about 30 minutes.
I'm not sure why the batter would have run. How much did you fill your pans? I have been using this recipe for 30 years and never had a problem. I used to make layer cakes with it (two 9 inch rounds) and they always came out good. In recent years I have been making it in a bundt pan. Looks lovely when it is unmolded. It's our only chocolate cake recipe because it is not too sweet. Try filling up the pans less next time or make three layers.
I successfully made an ivory fondant covered multi-tier wedding cake with dark chocolate ganache under the fondant. It didn't show through and the guests were pleasantly surprised to find a layer of chocolate in there.
I learned the hard way that the most important question you should ask is "what is your budget for this cake"? and take it from there. That will determine the size and effort you put into the cake.
In this business, unfortunately, we get to feeling sorry for the client or guilty about enforcing a contract. Just think, if payment for the cake is being left as an afterthought for the most important occasion in a person's life, then just think what can happen if for some reason she isn't "happy" with the cake. I can imagine a refund request for some silly detail. This would not happen with the wedding gown vendor or the videographer or the caterer. The cake is the thing...
Read up on the forum about licensed Disney characters. No joke. Take the advice about using a purchased topper. Good luck.
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