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The picture is blurry, but it could be brush embroidery?
I bought a set made by Sculpey at Michaels. The set has three sizes. I think it was $10 and I used a 40% off coupon.
Check out design me a cake dot com (no spaces). She has a good inexpensive one.
You can make shortening based buttercream which does not need refrigeration and just add butter flavored extract to give it the buttery flavor.
Try Edna De La Cruz' site designmeacake dot com. She sells a good DVD and the cutter/veiner set for the hydrangeas.
It's funny that she is complaining about $3.50 for custom cupcakes. Those gumpaste babies sell for upwards of $7.00 each on etsy and that is just plain babies with no clothing. So why should you give them to her for free basically? Anyone can make cupcakes at home. When you start shopping outside for baked goods, you have to prepare yourself to pay the going rate.
I think you are on the right track. I don't think samples to local businesses is a bad idea. Also, finf out when there will be a bridal expo in your area and do some networking there. Good luck.
How about a calculator cake? Or you can make a sheet cake and decorate it with gumpaste engineering tools.
I think you can use fishing wire. It is clear and thin.
I honestly think that you can offer a gift certificate for a cake of similar value at a later date, subject to availabilty. They have already paid for the cake and your time. It would be considered a kindness on your part and you're not out any money.
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