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Just for the fondant covered cake, no decorations I would have charged $138. the cake serves 50
Your picture did not show up.  How much do you charge for normal basic cakes?
Of course real vanilla! butter too! Snowflake sounds yummy!  I was thinking something with Champagne would be fun. rum sounds good too! Im doing a 5 tier cake for about 100 people... plus a grooms cake if i can find someone to make it.  everyone has seconds and thirds at every event i do! my boys have 3 tiered cakes for their bdays of 30 people.... Thank you for your response!
I'm getting married and making my cake.... 5 tiers, design is almost finalized. But I cannot come up with flavors! I want different and fun and interesting and over the top!  1 tier will be chocolate with white chocolate mousse with mini cc (my top seller) and I want a white cake, maybe raspberry chambord creme. What else? Name your best most interesting flavors please!
SMBC stay soft & does not crust. Its all I use. Tastes amazing, takes color well & smooths fantastically
I make it into everything cupcakes included! I use it & abuse it like a WASC cake. It is my go to for everything but coconut, & chocolate. Tonight Im making it into Pink Champagne cuppies.
1. No2. White cake has no yolks, vanilla cake has vanilla flavoring3. This is my tried & true no fail best cake ever White Cake1 cup milk 6 egg whites 1/2 TBLS Vanilla 1/2 TBLS Almond 1/3 cup mayo Mix above all in 1 bowl, should sit to get alittle warmer, but doesnt have to 2 1/4 flour 1 3/4 sugar 1 Tbls + 1 tsp baking powder 1 tsp salt Mix together (i do it in my kitchenaid with the wisk attachment) add 1 stick softened unsalted butter (i do room temp) whisk and scrap til...
smbc can be used under fondant. its a debate on how long it can be left out. i do 3 days max, some say not at all. fondant cakes CAN be stored in the fridge.
i use regular
it to me seems to make it denser yet moist... i use it just to add flavor tio some cakes. like my banana cake ( i add fresh banana too) but for my chocolate cake recipe I add it when i need to to be more stable. its such a moist cake its perfect for normal rounds but if i need to alter it in any way (like topsy turvey) i add the pudding mix so it doesnt just fall apart. so in my white cake i use it just for flavor & for chocolate for texture. I dont add it to anything...
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