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Look like magnolia type flower to me
I had a two tiered cake to do in the entire sprinkles and didn't charge extra. If I ever have to do it again, I will, those sprinkles weren't the cheapest and it took quite a bit of them to cover the cake. It did go rather quickly though, especially since I didn't have to bother with the icing being perfectly smooth. It also created a bit more of a clean up, because even though I tried to be very careful, those little things ended up everywhere, lol  Good Luck!
The cake you described is rather large, how many did the customer want to feed?  Could the other baker just quoted for smaller cake?
I'm looking for this stencil. Anyone has it and can tell me what is or seen it anywhere I can look?  I'm having the hardest time locating it.  Thank you bunches, P
Hi Everyone, I have attempted a 3d deer head cake this week. And even though I'm reasonably happy with the result, I would like to figure out the way to make antlers bigger. Has anyone tried big antlers?  Is there a way to make them out of something not eatable and light?  What about internal structural support to hold in place heavier antlers?  Any help is appreciated. Thanks, P
No, I was referring to the planning service sorry. I can understand all kinds of thinking, I just don't believe it is right for it to be forced on me.
Locals don't use all inclusive services, those are targeted toward visitors. My business is not, and it does not make sense for me to do that only because someone thinks its a better option. As a business owner I make decisions based on what I know and believe is best for what I'm trying to achieve. Out of all planning services like this one, they were just the first one who took it personally.
I am in one of the top destination wedding locations in US. Most brides come from areas where prices are significantly higher. There is a lot of room for upcharging in all inclusive packages
Exactly. I don't like their policy of upcharging my services as a part of their package and making money on my cake, so I just choose not to go down that rabbit hole. It's that simple. I was surprised to actually get a phone call, I expected more of "thanks anyways" email back.
Have to vent to other wedding professionals: I just got one of the bigger wedding coordinators in my area mad at me because I was not willing to book with them as a part of their package. Said from the very first phone conversation that I deal with brides directly and do not do third party bookings, yet they proceeded to request a quote and make arrangements. Comes down to the contract, so i state that the bride needs to contact me directly to make arrangements. They...
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