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My son has a "cars" set that are called mini's . Alot smaller and "chubbier" if you google im sure you could find something to go by for decorating.
I have tried them both(chocolate) .. I LOVED it , in myopinion the whipnice was just alittle bit better ,very very similar though to bettercream. I think the bettercream is sweeter.If you have access to it I say go with whipnice. I used it for both filling and covering an entire cake and held up fine if you whip it as directed .HTH
thank you for that .. I did too.
I am a HUGE fan and the both of you are such an inspiration to me. I too am a strong believer in "everything happens for a reason". You both seem like very strong willed women, I know the two of you will be back bigger and better than ever. From the bottom of my heart ..I wish you guys a quick recovery and my deepest sympathy for all your hard work lost. Thank god for keeping everyone safe .
Oh wow....I was completely aware of that ,sadsmile. Thank you sooooooo much. Yes I completely agree, the risk is so not worth it and I'm sure my husband would be very upset with me if he knew this. It was actually for a friend of his and I'm sure this will end up our gift to her. Thank you again for the fyi.
thank you kelli, appreciate it.
Orlando, Fl
No didn't make the cake, seen it here in the galleries and figured I could probably PM the creator but wanted to see if I could get maybe a "RULE OF THUMB" for my pricing by my cc'ers. P.SThank you JanH
How much do you think I could charge for this cake ? how many ppl do you think it would feed? Also, I have such a hard time with my pricing, is there someone who could give me advice in this department? or a go to guide? Like x much for fondant and so onThanks in advance
Thank u ladies ...might just try the rkt idea
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