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Always protect yourself and by doing that you are protecting the venue and the client.  I would contact the venue to clarify the situation and then deal with it accordingly.  Post your license so that your customers can see them, this will put them at ease as well. 
Tylose can be found on many sites including and
It seems that I recall that the recipe is 50/50, water and gum arabic. I am courious now and will have to go through my recipe books!
LorAnn oils are great for flavoring fondant. Approximately 12 drops per pound will do it. Try 6 drops of lemon oil with 6 drops of orange oil for a wonderful taste. For me homemade fondant is the key for texture and taste.5 qt. Mixer Recipe1 lb. 2 oz. powdered sugar1/2 tsp. meringue powder1 tsp. tylose or cmc1 1/2 oz. crisco (3/8 c.)4 oz. glucose ( 1/3 c.)3/4 tsp. glycerin1 1/2 tsp. flavoring (I use 3/4 tsp. each of vanilla and butter flavor, Wilton)1 tsp. gelatin3/4 oz....
You might try the gold and silver ready mixed colors that Nick Lodge sells on his site. (I would sell the bows as a non-edible decoration in the first place just to be safe no matter how safe the metallics say they are, FYI)
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