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or icing sugar....
Just cupcakes.... I boxed some by the dozen, some in a 6 pack, and some singles. I sold 2 singles, and a couple of 6 packs. They were cheaper at the fair than I usually charge, to lure the crowd.. Sure did a good job of that! LOLNext time, singles only... Maybe maybe maybe a 6 pack or two.
I had a terrible go of it... Just did it once... and shy to try again.I sold maybe 2 dozen, brought 13 dozen. Gave the rest away at the end of the show, to other vendors that were there.... Sooo disappointing.
Wondering if anyone can tell me if there are any classes/conventions in the San Diego area in May or around there? Hubby and I are thinking of going away somewhere not too far, for a combined holiday/cake class.
I would love to hear what he says.
steaming sets the dusts, apparently... I have not tried, only because my flowers are not wired.. Don't know how to dio that!
Maybe the bright white sold here in Canada sucks, but I am finding that white painted on black, makes pink! (Caution)
ahhh yes, the aghbay! Heard so much good about it! Put that on the list!
Catharper: No I have used just straight gumpaste.... You are saying fondant + tylose works better? Is that not the same thing?If it dries overnight, would it not be hard then?
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