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I don't really have time to let it settle for hours, maybe an hour or so....I will be ganaching the cake, so it should not bulge...I have the ganache set up, (made a few days ago)I will make sure the cake is very cool, and such...
I just bought one from Creative Cutters.... It is really small and really quiet. I have not used it myself yet, only seen it used, and I was surprised how little there is to it (small !!!!) and how cheap they are 130 dollars for everything. All you need then is your colors!
I have an order for a small 8" cake, I would like to bake, fill, ice with ganache and then fondant TODAY. Am I asking for trouble doing it all in one day?
Hello fellow Canadian! I have a commercial kitchen, here in Abbotsford. I do not rent per hour or month, instead I do a percentage of the retail sales. This works for me
I don't have one, as I just use the cheap vinyl mat, which I love by the way.Lately I have been having trouble, and wonder if the 'MAT" would eliminate the problem...My problem is, when I roll the fondant on the mat, it seems gloriously thin, and perfect, and I flip the mat over, onto the cake, but the underside of the fondant (now the top) has had seams and imperfections and such....Does this happen with the MAT? What causes this, do you think?
and just a reminder that if you plan to tinit white fondant, you won't achieve the dark jewel tones unless you start with ivory fondant. The white won't get you there, due to the titanium dioxide. (bleaches the color kidna sorta)
I was looking for one a few months back. They can be found on EBAY, but they are pricey. Sellers know they are hard to find. I could not find one anywhere locally. Michaels and Joannes, and even Wilton showed sold out. Good luck!
For the ten percent (of the retail price) I am getting a commercial kitchen space. I will have freezer, walk in fridge space, and prep area. The rest still needs to be agreed upon, as we have agreed to talk more after the holidays. Any suggestions on how to negotioate would be gladly taken
I do custom cakes, built to order. I am not sure what you mean by stale dated... And I give them 10 percent of the profit. So if I sell a cake for 200 they get 20 dollars. All supplies are my own cost. My min is 100 dollars, and charge 4 dollars a serving, or more depending on the intricacy of the design... And sculpted is more too, of course.
I have just had an offer from a local shop in town. The chef/owner wants 10 percent of the retail costs of the cake, and that is it. I am thinking that is a sweet deal, no?
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