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I would love to hear what the amounts were, for the 20 quart mixer. Do we have a final idea of what amounts to use?
Thank you but I am looking for the decals that go on the side of the cake, etc... I am sculpting a cake shape. Maybe that might help with more details, sorry.
Can anyone tell me where I can buy a Jimmie Johnson Nascar Cake kit? I cannot find them anywhere...Thanks so much
Fabulous Tiff
Wish I had more info for you but good luck with your project
Hi there,I am in Abbotsford, and I have looked into doing business from home. Not likely unless it is seperate from the house.... I do, however rent from a local business for now, and that is working, sort of.....Someone else said that they were in Abbotsford... I am wondering if we could rent collectively a kitchen, of our 'own'?Friends of mine in Vancouver do it, (there are 3 of them) and they share the rent. Works great.
thanks for the heads up!!!!
thanks everyone.I am using satin Ice and a regular fridge.... I find the fan in the walk in fridge scary for use with cakes... It blows baby!
@coco: yes that is the one!I saw it work, and looks easy and I love that it is very quiet.
If you are thinking of investing some money on a new machine, I would think of getting a BOSCH mixer.... I love them, and currently am drooling over them.I hate the way the KA head is in the way, of adding ingredients to the bowl, and the bosch is not like that at all!! It actually has 2 beaters!! The bowl is wider and flatter, and comes with a lid you can use when mixing to avoid sugar baths!
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