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Just to clarify, we are talking 3 generations. The young mom that ordered the cake was not there when I arrived, and instructed Grandma to receive the cake and pay me.It was the grandma that called me, explaining how disappointed the mom was with the cake.Delivering was a pain in the hiney, as she agreed on a time, kept changing the time, etc... So when we finally agreed on the time, I wanted to get rid of the cake, (dust my hands free of it all) and I forgot to take a...
Hey everyone. Just need a pep talk...I had an order for a cake to be delivered today. She requested a buttercream cake, enough to serve 20. Wanted fondant roses, and a fondant #1, and to have a pink and purple theme. She said it was for her 1 year old girl.I delivered a 2 tier, banana cake with cream cheese buttercream, just as requested. It was beautiful. Looked like a wedding cake. I had the bottom layer covered in fondant roses, top layer border was done in gumpaste...
thanks for your help!Any more tips?
Thanks for your reply. How do I cover the fondant with the odd shapes, and all without having creases, folds and tears?
I have a cake order due for Oct. My customer would like a music note shaped cake decorated in fondant. What is the best way to do this. Carve a sheet cake? How do I cover an odd shaped cake with fondant?It needs to serve 20, so it has to be pretty big.Any insight would be sooo helpful!She also wants BLING.... How can I make this soooo princessy?
I have a cake order due in October. My customer wants a cake in the shape of a music note, and covered in fondant. Any ideas on how to do this?She would like a single tier- and I am nervous with the shape of the cake being odd shaped. Are there cake pans that come in the shape of a musical note? Or is it best to carve a sheet cake?Needs to serve 20 people...
There is no where that I know if in Western Canada to purchase these. Can you tell me how I can get some!! They are gorgeous!
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