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Thanks Icer!
Hi All,I am not sure what this technique is called but here is how I did it.Cover cakes in colored fondant, and then again, with thin white. I cut flower shapes out, to reveal the colored fondant underneath...Did it on a dummy cake, worked great.On my real cake today, the fondant was not cutting cleanly, and was sticking to the colored fondant underneath... Leaving tears, patches of white, etc...Anyone do this? Know what the trick is to make clean cuts?Any help is...
I have just tried today, the Sunflower Art brand, (pink).... Maybe I am missing something but it is SOOOOOOO stiff. I can barely get the rope in there, and definately cannot get it open wide enough to take it out... It is a two man job.... Any way to fix this, or am I stuck with a dud?
New pearl mold I tried out today! Sunflower Art brand I think. (It's pink)Anyhow, I can hardly open it, it is sooo stiff. Once I get the gumpaste in, I can barely open it to get it out!! Any tips? I am serious folks, it is almost as though one person needs to hold it open while another digs out the pearls....
I am just noth of the border, in Abbotsford
Melissa May: I just wet my clean hands with water, and moisten the outisde of the ganache. I have also used a thin smear of piping gel
Thanks kakeladi
Does anyone have a recipe that they would like to share? I like to use crusting buttercream, and have a large mixer (20 quart)Thanks
Got so excited about the square app thing, but looks like it is only available in the U.S... So sad!
Curious about the same ganache we use on the outside of a cake.I am wondering how, if possible to make it soft enough to whip and use as a filling. I have tried to heat it and then beat it, but it just resets hard. I love ganache on a cake. So easy to work with. I would love to know how to use it IN the cake too.
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