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ya... I am still perfecting my ganaching techniques, and don't think that paper towel works in this department. It dries hard, and the heat is what fixes the fixing
wow. I have everyone stumped? Bump
The pic attached looks like wafer but I am guessing paper thin gumpaste, all tattered? Any ideas?[/img]
Thanks so much!Also, I was finally able to find the creator of the cupcakes, and confirmed that the pattern I was inquiring about was indeed, a patchwork cutter! Thanks for all your input, and suggestions. You guys rock!
thanks for all the ideas, guys. I appreciate your attempt to help!
Hello!I am in search for a silicone mold, for cupcake size hand cuffs. I haev looked and looked online. Anyone know of any suppliers that might carry one? The CK brand does do hand cuff chocolate molds, but they are HUGE and I need a pair of them, to sit on a cupcake.TIA
Thanks so much! It might be the one!
darn I was hoping for the easy way Thanks for your help
It's so perfect, though. You think so?
I am curious to know if anyone can tell me what impression mat or roller was used to make the square impressions on these darling cupcakes? It is smaller than I have seen before.
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