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Wonder if it was done with a cricut
I am curious too... I do the upside down icing method. Makes a whole lot of difference, although....   I do find the cake (because it is almost the same size as the board) does not have enough buttercream or ganache on it, to completely conceal the cake. It's almost like I need a 1/2" larger board to be able to get it perfect.   Do they sell 6 1/2 or 8 1/2 etc boards? How do you all get your buttercream coat so nice and thick and perfect when your board is only...
Thanks ladies... I didn't see this until it was done already so I can tell you what I did do, and why I don't reccommend it. I added vodka to petal dusts, and painted by hand. Came out clumpy and the wrong color, as the color underneath was too dark to mask correctly. Thanks for all the tips, now I know what to do next time!   Tasha
I love using letter cutters. I have some of the clickits, and some of the tappits, and am contemplating getting the jello jiggler letter cutters too. My question is how do people get nice uniform layers of letters... I mean sometimes people have a layer on top of a layer with a perfectly uniform (slightly larger) cut. I don't think it is just stretched a bit. It is 'too' perfect!
How do I change the color of gumpaste flowers? I have pink cherry blossoms and they need to be blue and green.... Any ideas?
I am with Jason!
There is a way!!!I just don't know it BUT: has cake decorating tutorials out now.... and there is one now available all about modern piping, and it teaches you how to pipe METALC!I don't have the tute yet, just Marina Souza's... and gotta say: I love it!Tasha
okay Thanks! I was kinda thinking that too Have a great day!
bumpity bump bump
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