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I attended a function last night that was fairly dressy. There was a girl wearing a dress that had silk rosettes attached all over the skirt part of the dress. All I could think of everytime I saw her was cake! She looked just like the rosette cake that has been so popular here the past couple of months! I guess I really shouldn't be a fashion critic but I think the rosettes look much better on cake than they do on a dress!
Now I feel vintage! I bought these pans brand new in the mid 70's back when I was a sweet young thing!
Thank you for sharing this site. The flowers are amazing.
How about a tiki bar on the beach with the palm tree and flowers? Little tropical drinks on the bar. Just a thought.
I like to see the sizes of the cakes listed. It helps me to know what the silhouette of my future cakes will be and that will help in planning.
The Wilton site has decorating techniques using fondant. They have a very cute little bluebird.
I loved watching my grandma decorate wedding cakes when I was a little girl, and I loved the way her house smelled of cake and frosting. When she passed away, one of my aunts gave me some of her decorating supplies, I had a three year old daughter at the time. It was a natural combination of events!
I say you agree to this on the condition the cake is a replica of your business card, with your business name and phone number prominently displayed front and center! Frosting or fondant will be of your choosing. If she wants to have advertising on her wedding program, you can advertise on the cake itself. Seems fair to me.
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