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KHalstead.........How did you mail your cakes if you don't mind me asking. I want to send my mom a cake for her 75th birthday. Thanks
I received my refund check! Thank you Heath. Kathy
So Heath, why did I not receive an error message it just took me to we will email you shortly??? like quoted in the beginning of this post????? I am getting so frustrated. Seems things one way to one person and diff. way to others. This is amazingggggg! Can you please explain again then???Your customer,Kathy
Cakesage, I'd be more than happy to go digital if you'll buy me a Kindle, Nook or I'd prefer an Ipad Otherwise I prefer a refund
I would like to reply to regarding a locked topic. I did receive the email regarding digital magazine and the options it gave. I chose to have my refunded and it led me to an email saying,Thank you for contacting CakeCentral.comYour message has been received: Cancel Order 37735 We will be in touch soon!When is soon??? That was on the 4th today is the 7th. Normally when you get refunds it is very soon. Need a reply please,Your customer,Chippi
That's good news can't wait!!!
[quote="dynee"]Here is a pic if you wanted to see what they looked like. They were for a super bowl party.[/quoteThanks Dynee, the footballs look great and that was the reassurance I needed to make chocolate royal icing! I think there was one recipe on here sugarlover, thank you for your help also! Chippi
Yes I have googled it but was hoping that someone here in the cookie forum had actually tried it. Did not want to waste money if it wasn't any good. Plus there was only a few write ups on it and I wanted to get the cookie expertise maker's opinions on here.
Has anyone made this? does it taste good? If possible can I use your recipe? Ty,Chippi
Leave it to Debbie to crack us up!!! I'd tell her to kiss it where the sun don't shine even if it was my mother, sister, brother.........they don't give a hoot about your relationship donig this to you so WHY should YOU? Real family don't treat each other that way. Your cake was great btw!
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