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hmmm... sounds a little sketchy. I wouldn't do it
Great start! I think it's a nice layout, and the font/main picture doesn't bother me at all. I do agree that you should take off "We bake 2 to 3 day prior to delivery depending on size and decorations," for the same reason that's been mentioned before.As a customer, the first thing I'd be curious about is your prices, so including your base prices would be helpful.
Do the corners first.
You could always use wood too, like CCer MikeRowesHunny did:
Thanks for posting with your experience Your table was very classy and I loved your banner. I was looking through your cookies and they are awesome! And I love your pink chef coat. Do you mind me asking where you got it?
I did a search and didn't find anything, so hopefully this video hasn't been posted yet.Thought you guys might be interested in seeing this. For once, inquiring brides on a budget might actually get some accurate info! (Of course, I'm not sure how budget friendly blown sugar is... and there's always the debate on whether sheet cakes really are cheaper than tiered cakes. oh...
Wow those are awesome. It makes me want to try them out this weekend, but with Oreo truffles instead. MMmmmThanks for the link majormichel
I'm pretty sure she said "runner" too
omg.. what a freak haha. I imagine too much money and not enough sense would sum up her customers.And I'm sorry, but that's hardly artETA: what's up with that jelly bean "lawn"? I can tell that took some real effort
I find Stevie irritating and VERY unprofessional. I also think Zane should have won, that cake was beautiful!! I don't think Buddy even tried on his, it looked generic if you ask me
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