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To buy the book or not. I would like to try the lemon drop ones.
Has anyone tried any of the recipes in the book Booze Cakes.
Congratulations !
I think if you put a little bleach in with your soap and give them a good washing you should be good. Play dough is non toxic polymer clay is non toxic. The look like nice molds for fondant and gum paste
I would put some white color gel on a paper plate and run my stitching tool through it. I would test it on a scrap piece first.
See you are appreciated. Nice to hear.
I need ideas for a graduation cake for an 18 year old boy he is not into sports. The school colors are red and white and the mascot is a pirate.Help please { no sheet cake } Thank You. Denise
If you go to the home page on the bottom there are instructions.
I got my coupon in the mail today. Going shopping.
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