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I don't disclose recipe's...period.  Especially in a tasting situation, where the customer is just a potential client. I also provide psuedo-free tastings.  I charge for the tasting at the time of the tasting, but will deduct the amount from the final purchase if they choose my cakery.   I do disclose that nut based products are in my kitchen, and I do disclose that I'm not gluten free and if asked will discuss dietary concerns.
I've never tried it... but I would imagine that once the image is solidly incorporated into the icing (you can no longer pick it up, move it etc... it would be OK to freeze.  Again, this is just my line of thinking, I've never done it.  Not really a cake freezing person at all.
Due to the fact that the cake is 4" high, each "wedge" will in essence be a double serving of cake.  The standard cake serving is 2" by 1"  If you want her to slice it in wedges then you'll have to bake more cake to accommodate the 30 people she needs to serve.  A 6" cake gets 8 slices, an 8" gets 16 slices when cut in a wedge.   Sure you can probably get more if you cut the wedge paper thin, but that isn't generally how people, who aren't cake people, cut cake.   I would...
I have the Canon Pixma MG5320 and I'm very happy with it.  I've had it a couple of years and never a problem.  I will say that refilling the ink is something which should best be done with gloves, but that has nothing to do with the printer.   I recently had a problem with the printer not registering a full ink cartridge, but removing and cleaning the head was very very simple.  Unfortunately that didn't solve my problem, still was getting a message that my blue and cyan...
Perhaps for a cake I was just preparing for my own (family) consumption.  No need to even try this for a cake that is going to be consumed the same day.
I am a very new owner of a Iwata Eclipse and I'm excited about using it more and more. I'll have a better review of it this Saturday when I use it "for real".  It fits my hand nicely, has a nice weight, feels like I have something in my hand and its easy to control.  I was concerned that one would be too heavy to control well with one hand, or too light that the air pressure might be a more controlling force but that hasn't happened.
I just want to add my thanks to to this thread.  Though it is old it has been most helpful and confirmed my decision to purchase an airbrush and compressor.  I went with the Harbor Freight Central Pneumatic oilless airbrush compressor and it works perfectly for my airbrush.  I went with the Iwata brand purchased from my local art supply store.  Not a lot of noise with the compressor, it fills to the desired PSI, cuts off and holds it position quite well without kicking...
Is your customer supplying the edible image?  Seems like that will be your hardest part to get done, after that, a thin fondant disk is required, as Nannycook said, the edible icing sheet is very thin and the moisture from the icing will disintegrate the icing sheet.   As far as icing the cupcake, a hi-top swirl isn't necessary, just something on which to sit the fondant disk.
Candy melts...  I have a mold which allows for the dots on Minnie's bow.  I purchased it at my local cake product supplier.
I really like the marshmallow idea.  I'm willing to try that, with family/friends.  I too have heard marking a package fragile is a bulls-eye for destruction.
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