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Had a patient tell me one time I refuse to buy my eyeglasses where I buy toilet paper...I feel the same way about a wedding cake!
Does anyone know where I can order a edible image of a page from the Bible? To use on the open book cakepan.Thanks
ask a pie question on a cake forum? I am needing to make pies for Thanksgiving. I plan on making the "Dang Good Pie". A custard pie with pineapple and coconut. Do you think I could put some of the roll out pie crusts in a casserole pan and make a big pie or would it be a disaster? I do not want to have my oven tied up baking 6 pies when one great big one would do. I dont care if it turns out messy like a cobbler my family wont mind but will it work? Thanks for your...
A little 8 year old friend of mine is wanting a shitzu cake for his birthday. Any ideas, examples or pics will be very helpful! Thank you
Americolor Black chocolate frosting and a day ahead of time.I have had success with white frosting and Americolor black. Make it the day before large bowl stir in color and about every hour or two stir again. After about 6-8 hours wa-la black icing.
Hi all...Im needing a recipe for a filling or cake for a tropical themed party. All ideas are welcome! Thank you!
Have the cake in a shape of a sock and write.. incase you get cold feetA sexy lingerie cake: "If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?"A Godzilla with a wedding dress on for bridezilla.Fancy the cakes up to look like a shower cake with flowers, bows etc.
Ha...pretty funny. Next time put it in the freezer for awhile,it will pop out.
Kinda funny outcome from silent auction. I had 2 certificates for auction 1st was for 8 inch round cake or 24 cupcakes went for $65. 2nd 12 inch round or 48 cupcakes final bid was $59. Someone could not do math! The funniest part was I found out the person who won the 24 for $65 was the same lady I did a 3 tier square cake for her birthday charged $100 (friend price) and she made a face when I told her the cake would be $100 that included delivery! I wonder if she ever...
I would leave it be without offering a discount for the next purchase. She got a really great deal. I think the problem was that who buys a cake at a silent auction? If you dont have a reason to buy a whole cake you wont get any bids. When I donate to auctions. I make a collage of my work and the auction item is a certificate for a cake. Of course you have to make guidelines i.e. 12 inch double layer, two tier, character etc. This allows the bidder to use a cake when a...
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