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Hi ashleyandben ,can you give me the kansas contact. Thanks Zubia
Hi , walmart charges $2 and grocery store charge $5 . If you have a Hy-vee ,they will do it . They are the only ones who printed copy righted materils for me .
Hi , I bought the same from SAMs for $99 last year , I think it $109 now . I bought 2 but am going to get one more . Love them .
I would love the link too
Hi , so sorry to read about ur KA . Mine actually fell off the counter couple of times but runs fine . I just recently bought a new one , it's 6 q professional . I got it for$200 from kitchen aid website .Do check the deals on their site .
Iam also planning on getting a comercial oven .Haven't started looking yet but my understanding is that they cook faster then home ovens. Iam sure someone will jump in the give you better advise.
Your turn table sounds great , which brand or company's is it .
Thanks every one ,after searching the forum and reading your advise I ordered them from icing images . very excited .
Thank you .
any on e??????
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