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I didn't know that thanks for the tip!
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
How would I use fondant or gumpaste to put a bow together? The loops are already dry!klsrtr
I have to put together a fondant bow this afternoon and I have ran out of my wilton candy melts. I have white almond bark that looks and taste like the wilton candy melts. Does anyone think that it would work? I have never used it and I am scared to waste any bow loops. What do you think? I have read the ingredients and they have a lot of the same!KimberlyTIA
Thanks everyone! I am going to order some Americolor to try and see for myself how good it is. I really want to try the super black and the red red, because you have to use so much of the wilton kind to ge really dark colors.
Which do you like better? I have seen on here that a lot of people like americolor and I was wondering everyone's opinion. I want to try the americolors b/c I have read that they give more true color and you don't have to use as much to get a rich color.Thanks!
How would I do a chocolate tranfer or how could I make a lid out of chocolate, that sound like a great idea, but have NO idea how to do it maybe some instructions on how it could be done and then to stand it up and secure it in place. Thank you!kim
I have a groom's cake for this Saturday and I am going to be making a laptop computer cake with the lid OPEN. I was thinking of doing the lid out of a wood board with it @ a 90 degree angle, nailed together under the bottom, and cover the board with fondant. I would sit the cake right in front of the board so that it would look like all one piece. Does anyone else have a better suggestion? Kimberly
I was wondering if anyone had purchased ready made flowers out of either royal icing, fondant, or gumpaste? I usually make all my flowers, but thought every now and then I get a call at the last minute for a cake and I thought that it would be nice to have some on hand. This might be a crazy question but if you have used ready made royal icing flowers are they EDIBLE??? Thanks!Kim
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