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Sounds yummy! I will have to try this one too! Thanks for the recipe!
I made TX longhorn themed cookies, they were iced with white royal icing and had orange royal accents to them. I used clear vanilla and almond extract and let them dry overnight in the oven. I then packaged them and the day after they were packeged, I noticed my white started to turn to a brownish color, like if I used regular vanilla...?? I still am not sure why the white changed color? I was pretty dissapointed that the white wasn't WHITE!!I guess, I am going to have...
I think it looks great! My opinion would be, to add the green stems all the way around on the bottom. The flower on the bottom left looks really cute with the way you made the stem on it. So, I think if you would add it all the way around or to each of the flowers at the bottom it would look just as cute.. Just my opinion.. Anyway, do what you think is right for the cake. It does look adorable! Great Job!!
I can't believe people! If it isn't yours, then don't touch it!!! People are just rude and who gave this person the right to help themselves to the cake??? Sorry this happened.... : (
Very beautiful cake! Great job!
very nice job!
The border on the simpson cake is really neat! Hope your cake comes out great with the borders! I will have to try them sometime, too!
Very cool! Hope it all works out for you!
Well, at one of our favorite italian restaurants in TX, they charge about $6.00 for two cannolis! I pay that because they are yummy and they are a nice treat! If people like them and want them, then they will pay what you are asking. A cannolo sounds good... Yummy!
Thanks! Your FBCT looks great!
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