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Need to know what pans to use pleaseThank you,Debra
Cake bakers & decorators:How long in advance can a decorated cake be made and safely kept until serving? I have a groom's cake that would need to completed by Tuesday night for a wedding on Saturday. The mother of the groom will have to travel 6 hours with the cake to the wedding destination. She is a very dear friend and I would love to make the cake for her, but I want it to be good!Please share your opinions!Thank you,Nanabug (Debra)
That is a great idea! I will look there! Thank you so much !!!!!!!!
Has anyone seen an impression mat that looks like tooled leather? I have googled, searched cake supply sites and even checked e-bay...If you have, or can give me some direction, I would appreciate it!Debra(Nanabug)
I am using buttercream icing, not fondant
I have let it sit overnight and the color is now what I would call a deep country blue-still not navy ....should I now add more Americolor Navy, or add black.... or what ?? The cake that I am making is an Auburn "AU" so i need a more true navy. It is due Saturday so I have a little more time to work with it - any other ideas??Thanks in advance!Debra
I am trying to make Navy blue icing and can not get the color right. I have used over 1/2 bottle of Americolor Navy Blue and it still is not correct. Should I just keep adding more and more? I would appreciate any help!!Thank you,Debra (Nanabug)
Thank you ladies-I will try those
Please tell me how to achieve sage green. I can never get it right!Thanks,Debra
I have a 4 layer fondant cake due Dept 19. Each layer is separated with flowers. I have looked at different techniques for separating the layers (hidden pillars, floating cake stand, etc) It was suggested in a forum post that I use cake dummies. The cake is 6,8,10,12 and in the picture you can not see a cake plate under the layers. I have attached a picture of the cake ordered. Please tell me how to use these and where they can be purchased.Any help is appreciated!Debra
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