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What a frustration to us cake decorators. Spending all the time and using our skill to make sure that cakes look gorgeous only to be messed up. I can imagine what you went through. Hope you don't get such request often
Thank you Miriel.
Does anyone have any problem ever of fondant melting? I used a recipe with glycerin, gelatin, glucose (thick liquid), shortening and powdered sugar. The layer covering the cake will look very moist if not under the fan and the flowers will melt over night. I'm from Malaysia with hot and humid weather. Any recommendation? I need to do another small 2-tier wedding cake to be covered by fondant this week.
This is really great info. Thank you all for sharing.
Can anyone tell me how big is a per serving slice of cake? I have read how many slices each cake of different size is to be cut from Wilton's Wedding Cake Decorating Book but is the height of 4" maintained? I mean do you cut it horizontally after cutting it vertically to make it a smaller slice? Over here in my country I don't think anyone serve such a big slice to their guest. I'm having difficulty in fixing my cake prices as well. Can anyone advise me?
I had been trying to figure out how to shrink my photos too. I managed to do it just now by following your instruction. Thank you so much Shirley.
Hi Albumangel, do you mean after covering the cake with normal white fondant then paint a layer of black color mixed with a little crisco or oil? The paint must be pretty thick to block off the white? Will the paint stay, especially those on the side of the cake?
I agreed that we learn everytime we do a new project. My supposedly chocolate rolled fondant cake didn't turn out the way I wanted it. I learnt to pump chocolate clay using shell tips and gave the cake a better look. Next time will know what to do.
After reading your following post I think the recipe is more a chocolate clay. Can't find corn syrup here. Have to work out the proportion of the recipe. Chocolate Clay Calla Lilies:
Wow, the sugarcraft site is great! So much information to digest. I'm overwhelmed . Many thanks Jan. Will surely post photos as I work on each learning project. I just tried a Chocolate Rolled Fondant recipe which uses cooking chocolate, maltose, sugar and water. I tried it on 2 different brand of dark chocolate and one white chocolate. Only one dark chocolate turn out hard enough to roll. The other 2 are too soft. Still trying to figure out what went wrong
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