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I baked mine on Tuesday and crumb coat with buttercream the next day. The fondant was covered late in the evening of Wednesday and cake was delivered to the wedding on Saturday. There's no complain about dryness. I did another one last week baked and decorated same day and eaten 2 days later. Received feedback from the bride the cake was so nice that it was not enough to go around. By the way, I used buttercake. I can safely say a fondant covered buttercake can last...
If you decides to use moniquerei's method, I suggest you use a slim scissor to cut the edges instead of knife. I read this from a local cake decorating book. I think it will be easier and neater.
Hi Val, just checked out your high humidity buttercream. I'm eager to try it out. Your recipe calls for flour. Is it raw flour straight from the packet?
Someone had posted on shrinking photos in this forum "How Do I" (topic: Downsizing a Picture) but I can't locate it now. I have used ShirleyW's method since then and it works for me."Right click on thumbnail, click Edit. Click on Image on toolbar and look for sketch/skew, choose 40% or 50%."
Is it the Crusting Buttercream or just add a teaspoonful to normal buttercream? When should you add in the meringue powder? I tried adding to my 600g of fat plus 325g powdered sugar recipe at the end plus a few drops of water but it didn't work well as the water seaped from the icing the next day.
I baked a sponge cake for my doll cake's skirt in a stainless steel bowl measuring 8" diameter, 3 1/4" depth with a flat bottom of 3 1/2" and it turned out well. I just greased the inside of the bowl like usual and baked at normal oven temperature per recipe. I read about baking in stainless steel bowl either from this site or from somewhere else.Good luck.
I saw thyterrell's photo this morning and just searched it to make sure it's the right one. She did wonderful small pot cakes. Do check it out[/url]
Ooops, got your name wrong, JanH. Thousand apologies. Heard so much of MMF on this site. Will definitely try it one day. For Lemon Extract, is it a food paste/flavouring as is sold here or some kind of emulsion?
Thank you for the tips. I normally used powdered sugar to roll out. I did try using corn starch to roll out the burgundy layer for the wedding cake I posted recently. However, after reading somewhere that protein from corn starch and cake flour will react with the fondant and may spoil it, I decided to try shortening yesterday (for the first time) because this cake is travelling to another state and will not be served until 3 days later. I met with another problem, the...
Thanks for the links JHan. Would you know which fondant recipe is more suitable for hot and humid weather?Thanks.
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