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The method didn't work for me either. The icing just got stuck and pull away each time I removed the spatula. I'm also struggling with icing square cakes. Hope someone can post more links and tips on it.
I too find fondant to be too heavy when making bigger pieces like couch. The results tend to flatten out instead of drying hard.
Is it health hazardous then? That's reason for concern.
I experienced such condition a few times in the past when I made chiffon cake (not sure whether you call it angel cake here). Chiffon cake requires vegetable oil to be added in at the last. It happened when the oil was not mixed in thoroughly.
This is something new to me. What kind of wax paper?
I just had the same problem as jessi01 and this sound great. I'm going to try this one next time (perhaps add a parchment paper or even a plastic sheet which will be 'pre-stuck' to the bottom of the top tier cake board with some icing before stacking).
I just did another layer on top of the crusted one (because I wanted a darker color). Even though I added about 1 or 2 tsp of extra milk, I still find the cream difficult to ice (heavy and not smooth). I tried using the hot knife method (dipped spatula in hot water and swung it hard to remove excess water). It helped a lot to smooth the surface but affected the color. The violet cream is having patches of dark violet/blue.I went to smooth the cake with Viva after...
Thank you ladies for your help. Really appreciate that. I'll post my result after receiving feedback from the bride (that will be after this Sunday).
Yeh, somekind of ivory which is not pleasant looking to me. Talking about heat and humidity, I've another concern, i.e. can the icing last a few days since it contains milk and cake flour? I'm starting 5 days ahead of time to give myself buffet time to do last minutes changes and rescue job, just in case. The cake is will be delivered on Sunday.Appreciate your feedback.
I just tried one batch. It crusted very well. However, the slight milky color from the milk turn the color to an unpleasant brownish kind of very light yellow. Fortunately, I'm mixing color with it. Now I'm worrying about cracking after learning about what you said, lapazlady. I'm trying it on a 3-tier wedding cake!! Our climate here is so hot fondant will melt in a humid and hot weather. That's why I switched to HHBC.
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