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Wouldn't that cause the cake to be more dense? Do you do that for all cakes? Some people do prefer their cakes to be light even if it's a moist chocolate cake.
This happened to the bottom tier of one of my wedding cakes too. I tend to think chilling cake after crumb coating and putting on the next layer before the buttercream completely returns to room temperature would have caused it. Perhaps this only happens in hot and humid climate. I find HHBC even starts to melt away after taking it out from the refrigerator. I don't chill my buttercream cake after crumb coating anymore.
Mini cakes are really a pain to do. The more I do it the more I want to increase it price. So far I just did single tier, with and without a layer of buttercream in between. I used crusting butter cream to layer as well as a base coat. No chilling/freezing needed. Covered the cake with a thin layer of fondant followed by another layer of fondant. Brush the first layer of fondant with some water before covering the second layer. I find this way it looks real smooth...
I just bought Lindy Smith's "Cakes To Inspire And Desire". She has one square whimsical in that book.
Click on 'Spotlight' right on top and look for Kiddiekakes. She uses a lot of airbrushing.
[/quote]Traditionally, the sharing of the wedding cake was a token thing. A loaf of bread was broken over the bride's head and the guests clammored for the crumbs that fell to the ground, as it was considered good luck fertility-wise. So when you get right down to it, a piece of wedding cake represents a "crumb" of the actual cake! [/quote]Thank you Debi for the info, especially this last bit
Thank you beachcakes.Do you know why party cake is slightly bigger per serving than wedding cake?
I think the Wilton Chart is for 2" tall pan but 2 layer cakes which should be 4" tall cake. If you look at their 'Wedding Cake Cutting Guide' each slice should be 4"x2"x1". I notice Debi's guide on her site is also 4"x2"x1". I was once told by a CC member that this is the standard size for wedding cake. Would appreciate if you can confirm this, Debi Also, what is the standard party size?
Thank you Debi. That's great advice.
Here's my website where I have pics on how to cut a tiered cake to achieve the Wilton wedding servings. Print this out and give it to them. Thank you so much Debi for sharing your site. I've visited and found it helpful.I've been asked to quote for a round wedding cake which will have to serve 300-350 guests. Can anyone help by telling what sizes of cake should I make? I've referred to Wilton chart and wedding cake book. A 5-tier...
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