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Update - i tried water and i tried piping gel. Both worked very well. I even took the practice cake and started banging and shaking it on the counter to see if the ribbon would fall off, but it did not (i waited a good 20-30 minutes). The only problems i ran into that i have questions on are:1) when i pushed the ribbon onto the cake it would leave an indent in the icing (minor issue) any ideas how to avoid this (i.e. pushing it onto the cake with enough pressure to get...
PDX - yes that was what i was wondering if it would be something to consider as a potential issue. So it seems if i keep the ribbon thin enough then it shouldnt pull the icing off once attached. thanks!icer - thank you for your advice. She doesnt want any shine but maybe i could use cornstarch or pwerdered sugar and then dust it off. thanks!
Another problem i though of is instead of the fondant sagging have you ever had a problem with the icing peeling off the cake?
PDXSweetTreats thank you for sharing your experiance i really appreciate it. What kind of fondant were you using? I will be using satinice. Also did you roll your fondant really thin...i wonder if that would be worse or better. I plan on trying this weekend to see how it goes i will try to post so others can see how it goes.thanks again.
tiggy - so the melted chocolate will adhere the fondant to the buttercream? To clarify: I have done ribbon on cakes but she changed to fondant at the last minute. I have also done fondant on fondant but never fondant on buttercream in the center of the tier horizontally. It was this minor detail that i forgot i had never done. It is for a friend of the family and she isnt paying for the cake (not that it makes a difference in my eyes though). I plan on practicing...
I have a wedding cake to do in a week and i need i thought i would be able to do what i promised. Now that i think about it though im very nervous. I need to put a fondant ribbon around the center of the tier. instead of putting the ribbon around the bottom of the tier it will go in the very middle. If it was a cloth ribbon i know i could do it but will a FONDANT ribbon stay horizontally around the middle of a buttercream iced tier? Please help (with details).
so here is my next you normally put dowls in acake and cut it flat with the topo so the top cake rests on it like it has stilts. if you cut the tiers on a diagonal doesnt this kind of defeat the purpose of having them there for support?
Carson im glad you asked becuase i have the same question.Also, If you do it three tiers do you still transport it completed?
shayshay so you freeze before baking then?
hers a bump becuase i did the same thing (25 lbs of apples) but instead mine are just sitting i really need to cook them soon.
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