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Hi   I am a twice a year kind of cake decorator(for my kids birthdays!)   I want to make these cupcakes¢er=276944&gallery=274888&slide=285827   The suggestion is to use marzipan for the ladybugs, but I am not sure if I will be able to find it without Almonds and I can't seem to find a recipe for the cherry marzipan that is suggested to use.   I have never...
does anyone have any good suggestions on making Save The date cookies for a child's party?My son has a summer birthday and I want to send Save The Date cards. But I noticed cookies were popular with weddings and thought maybe I could do this for a birthday.I am a novice decorater so it would have to be something simple.
I make this one all the time.I also find that they are even better if frozen for 1-2 days.use 3/4 cup of milk. so yummy, I get many compliments.
Does anyone have any yummy flavoured icing recipes?I was thinking of making my daughter vanilla cupcakes with strawberry flavoured icing and My son a chocolate cupcake with a diffrent kind of flavoured icing. Both kids have parties in August(along with DH) so it is a busy month for me.Thanx!
Any suggestions on making a cake to look like a TV? preferably a plasma?
HiI have to ice a cake from Monday and I baked the cake already and just froze it. can I take it out Sunday night, ice the cake and put it in the fridge for Monday? or shoudl I defrost it first and than ice it for better resolts?Thanx!Bridy
Thank you very much for that!
Thank you for the explination. I don't think I will ever forget what 3/8 cup is now!I have been aking every since I was a child and I have never come across having to use 3/8cup. You learn soemthing new every day!
Thank you!!I will have to write this down some where, sheesh.
I fee so stupid. But how much is 3/8 of a cup?I don't have exactly a 3/8 cup measuring cup. Should I use 3/4cup and a little bit?
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