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Thanks, guys!
So I've been dormant in my caking for a number of months now (hadn't decorated anything since October!!), and I was super afraid I wouldn't be able to get the effects I wanted on this most recent cake, having been away from it for the better part of a year! Work has been crazy, and I just landed the job of my dreams and will be moving my family cross-country for it ... but the caking has suffered .Anyhow! Long story short, my boys had a combined birthday party this year,...
If the nails are just food-safe metal made specifically for contact with edibles, and there is no rust or breakdown on them, then cooling them in your cake is fine.
Thanks so much for all your help, and the tutorials, guys!I love the LPS panda, hadn't even considered it! This is exactly why I love this site . Yeah!!
Angelleyes, that's a great idea, thanks! Super cute. Her colors are pink and green anyway, so it would work really well.Caymancake, no, the servings are way too many for the pan anyway, and I'm very comfortable carving cake, so I would just do that if I wanted a panda shape ... I like the idea of what we're going to do, but I'm just looking for the perfect panda to mold out of fondant or RKT or whatever. Thanks for the suggestion, though!Thanks, guys!!
thanks! I actually have googled it ... just haven't found the perfect panda. Hoping someone might have a picture, or a topper, or a small toy, or a ceramic panda of some sort that you might think is perfect. Ugh! Thanks!
Hey guys!My friend is having a first birthday party for her little girl, and I offered to make her cake. She's incredibly excited that I'm doing it, but of course, I'm having "caker's block" for the main part of it.My friend is Chinese, her husband is Mexican, and she calls her little girl her little Panda Latina. She asked me to do the bottom tier (of a two-tiered cake) as a very clean, bamboo-rimmed, cherry-blossom-accented pale pink tier. The top tier is to be very...
I do it with AP flour all the time. The crumb may not be as absolutely delicate, but I've had the most incredible success with this recipe, and am forever receiving compliments on it, regardless of my filling.
I COMPLETELY second the bake-now-freeze-for-later suggestion! As a matter of fact, moisture is locked into the cake SO well this way, that I refuse to bake right when I need my cakes, I ALWAYS make sure that my cakes get at least an overnight stay in the freezer. The texture is fabulous afterwards! The key, though, is to wrap very very well! Even if you don't crumbcoat prior to freezing. HTH!
Thanks, guys, you're so sweet! Not to mention full of great tips!I never would have thought of starting on the outside and working inward ... fabulous tip, thank you! And as far as the apply tray, what a FABULOUS idea! I made my own "tray" by molding tin foil around my initial inner buds, but it never occurred to me to achieve the egg-crate effect with an apple tray. Thanks so much!!!Ah, LOVE this site! -Emi.
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