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Thanks for the replies
I was asked to make a huge White chocolate curls wedding cake? I am not good at doing searches on here, can anyone direct me on directions, how to charge, what kind of chocolate and how much chocolate is needed? Thank you very much!Vicki
I recently had a wedding called of by the groom the morning of. I already had the cakes made and ready to deliver. I delivered them to the groom and that was that. The really sad thing is, he didn't like carrot cake and that is what the entire wedding cake was. At least the grooms cake was chocolate Don't feel guilty, you don't owe them money back.
Message me and tell me what I can do to help!
That's great to know! I found it at Michael's and if I use 40 percent off coupon it makes it really reasonable. I did notice that the only major color for it that they didn't have was yellow. I thought that was strange. Do you use a lot of the color when you use it?
I was wondering if anyone has bought Duff's airbrush system. I think it could be really reasonable with a 50 percent off coupon, but I wanted to know what people think who have one. I tried to do a search on here about this and nothing came up.Thanks,Vicki
The wedding is tomorrow, so I don't have time to order anything, got the wedding cake order a couple of weeks ago, and so I was just now thinking about it, lol. If it comes up again, I will look into the filling sleeve thing. Thanks everyone.
No, it would have to be out, I may just go with my back up plan, it does compliment the carrot, just a different taste.
I need a cream cheese type frosting recipe for a wedding cake. The cake is carrot, but I don't have the refrigeration needed to keep it cold. In the past I have used cheesecake pudding mixed with a little milk and added to my buttercream. But I was wondering if anyone had any other recipe that would work.Thanks in advance,Vicki
I used to make my own MMF. But I read so many posts about people using Fonderific and the other store bought fondants, that I have giving it a try.The main reason for using the buttercream Fonderific was that I didn't have to use shortening all over my counters. I was told that I would only have to use a little bit of powdered sugar if that even.I have used this product at my home and my churches, totally different counter tops. I had major sticking problems. I tried...
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