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Wow what a great selection!
A while back there was a thread (got lost in that black out) about doing events where you would pay for a table AND hand out free samples. Majority of the bakers that had participated said it was a waste. They had spent more on making the samples and paying the table fee than the business it generated from it. Cinnamon Toast Bacon Praline....REALLY???
AMAZING work! What are the sizes? I know you could have gotten more.
Ok Kelli I just saw this pic.... I gotta know how much
Love the cake Kelli! $200 is a very fair price.
WOW Amazing work! You could have gotten more, your work is amazing! Flawless!
@ Price-I havent set a price yet. I have a brood range but starting off Id have to say $30 for sure. You should check out the bows from here. She does an amazing job! SO many colors!!!
EASY EASY EASY!!!! Lovely spreadsheet! And it's not at all complicated!
Sounds great. The other spread sheets are to much for me!
$75 for 50 cupcakes is pretty good. ThatÂ’s a very fair price considering you had some fondant decoration. She totally scammed out on the price. Just make a mental note the next time (of if you ever make anything for her again) to get the money before you hand over the goods! Have you thought about just setting a basic price for your bows? There very good. Like maybe just adding an extra $10 for any bow that you do? $40 is a good price. You even decorated the board with...
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