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Last week I was looking for a thread like this. I swear I cant use the search option here to save my life!
What are you more comfortable with? I dont see baking from a box is cheating. It takes the same amount of work as baking from scratch. You put the same amount of time in baking.
I was thinking the same thing, but she didnt have them that long, so maybe that's why they were resold? I'm just glad you got the rest of your money! Sounds like the sister bit off more than she could chew. I agree that some people with money are the ones that are tight with it and have allot to say about the price of a cake. I have allot of middle class (making around $30K-80K a yr) who NEVER complain about a price of a cake. They dont try and low ball or ask why its so...
I'll submit the tutorial and see if I can get it turned into a article. Hopefully it's worthy. Any one wanting instructions please PM me with your email address and I'll send it out.
Thanks! Now let me see where I can upload this to.
Ok this isnt working.... Cant seem to upload the file or pictures...
After many PM's on my rose cake. I went ahead and made a tutorial since I had a order for a red rose cake this weekend. I hope its clear enough. I took lots of pictures. Since I was having trouble uploading the pictures with this I went ahead and put it in a word doc. Thanks,Angelica
It looks like the tip you would use to make a rose. If you look at the one cupcake in the upper left hand corner it looks like they started there. Looks like a bunch of wiggles going inwards. I bet the bigger the tip the better it will look.
After looking on their products page it appears there are two different kinds of cake mixes. One in fact does state that you only need to add water. The other doesn't mention what you need to add to the mix.
I charge $1.50 for mine. For $0.75 what are you putting on your cupcakes?I figured $310.00 minus the 6’’ top, cost of the picks and flowers… So the 6’ was your gift to them? Or did you add the cost of that into your price?
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