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I've been admiring Andrea's SweetCake's wonky giant cupcake. I attempted to make on last week. I'm pleased to a point. I need more of a swirl effect on top, and I cant seem to get it. I've emailed other decorators that have done some similar but they either dont want to share or havent responded. For the top I baked the half ball wilton then "sausaged" stiff BC, then applied the fondant. ideas or suggestions?
Thank you sweetflowers. I was able to google the some instructions!!!
Stick to you contract. This is why you have one so it protects you and the client. Id like to know if the client ever responded to your email.
and one more..(PROMISE)
Here is one with pictures
I found this. Hope it helps any one know the name of this flower on this wedding cake? I have seen some that have more layers to them. I cant find a name for them.thanks,
I remember that episode, and it said that Margaret worked from her home! Never said anything about 2 kitchens. Did say that she keeps her apartment below 70 degrees. I dont recall it mentioning if she baked her cakes there, but she was decorating.
I used to make my fondant. But never again. Texas weather is so "if-y" that it doesnt come out the same every time. I now buy the 20lb tub from Global when Satin Ice goes on sale. Its an extra $20 cheaper most times.
Funny you should ask.... I JUST found this. Very good idea.
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