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Stephanie, I thought about going for Sole Prop., but I'd rather have my business assets separate from my personal. This would be the one way for me to protect my family.
Filing for an EIN# is free. I'm not sure what the fee is to file for an LLC. I'll be meeting with an Accountant to see what the best way for me is. I would suggest anyone going into this for the first time do the same. You dont want to mess around with taxes because Uncle Sam will come knocking.
Great information. So here is what I get from all 3 pages/Sole Proprietorship = I assume all responsibility and there is no gray area between my "business assets" and my own personal assets. All are wrapped up into one! LLC = suited for a company with one owner, and I could report earnings on my own tax return. I would like to set up as an LLC. I have no way of knowing if one day my cake might make some one sick and they come back to sue me. I'd like to be protected in...
Thanks every one. I'll go look into the link DALIG.I do have a person in mind. He used to work for the IRS and he comes highly recommended by two of my friends who have their own business.
Questions for anyone doing business in a state that has a Cottage Food law. 1.) Do you do business under a company name?2.) Do you have a E.I.N (tax #)#?-If you do, are you able to write off certain things i.e.; mixes, sugar, "start up" machines (mixer's), cake supplies (cake boards, fanci foil, color paste) on your taxes? Texas just got a Cottage Food law that will take effect September 1st. I went to a meeting hosted by the City about starting up a small business. The...
Thanks! I have another one for Saturday morning/afternoon. I'll be trying again.
Rosiepan, I think I need to make my fondant sausage strip a little bigger. Here is the cake I did last night for my daughters summer school teacher. She loved it.
That's the look that I am going for!!!!!
I do have one of the Wilton pans. I didnt use it this time, but the cake I am doing for tomorrow I think I will just to see how it turns out.
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