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Breastfeeding is cool. LOL But would I want my kids to be sitting across at a nice place/function to have some one whip out her boob? HELL NO!!! While every one has to eat people need to remember that while they might be comfortable with their actions others are not! If one of my cousins did that I would say something. Always want respect but never willing to give it!
So no more freebies and no more discounts because they will always think they are entitled to them! Add the $30 to the total price and ask for 50% deposit.
Fantastic! Keep up the good work! It will come together.
What a great video!
Yup and the kids always love it!
Well that's a relief. I've been doing vanilla/chocolate mousse in some of my cakes for my family and also whipped cream. I'm glad I can still use fruit.
Zazzle!!!!!!!!! I googled "Whimsical business cards + bakeries" and some many FUN designs popped up. MOre $$$$ than vista but well worth it!
Geez, I have been trying to comment for the past 3 days! Darn little bigs. LOLThe bake store that I visit has the premade fillings at room tempature. There the ones in the sleeve and cost about $3.50 (or somthing to $3.00's). To me if they have them left out in there store not refrigerated then those would be ok to sell. They have raspberry, blueberry, bavarian creme. Now if I opened one and didnt use it I most certainly wouldnt use it on another order, but that is just...
Keep the money. You feel bad because of the nature of the cancelled cake, but that isnt your problem. You have to provide for your family the same as any of us. You have a contract for a reason.You have several options here.See if you can return some of the items you bought and then refund that monies.Give them a credit of 1/2 the amountOrKeep the money as stated in your contract! If you decide to do any of the two options above you are out time! And gas.
Thanks for the info. I wonder if I went that route if I could deduct the start up fee! :-0
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