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sillywabbitz, thanks for the suggestions.I'm only using 6 cups! Not pounds, sorry about that. The butter cream does come over the paddle. I have noticed that the butter cream doesnt stick to the sides. As the paddle comes around it will "pull" the butter cream leaving room for air. At times it does look grainy. I'll have to shift the sugar before, I guess. the bowl I have is narrow at the bottom. This is the one that I have...
I was beating the shortening first until smooth then adding the liquids (creamer/hot water, and flavoring) until all incorporated. Then adding half of the sugar, then the remaining....all on speed 2. I found a recipe for the 6 QT in the recipe section. I was only doing 6lbs shortening and 6lbs of sugar. 20 tablespoons of liquid ingredients. The recipe called for 1/2 cup more of the shortening and sugar. This recipe says to mix on speed 6-7.
I still cant get this recipe to be smooth. Last night I made a batch of the recipe using my KA 6QT Pro, and had ALLOT of air bubbles. Anyone know of any tips? I have Sharron's butter cream DVD, and have taken a class with her to get smooth BC, but none of the tricks/tips work.
Bartering works for some people but not all. I started making the cake shooters. My 1st order was for 2 DZ. IN exchange for 1/2 off one of the DZ the photographer she hired would take pictures so I could start advertising them. Great I thought. Until, the day of the baby shower when the photographer didn't show up. I was out $$$, and the pictures I had planned on using. I will never barter again or offer discounts, at all, even if it helps me out!
Wasnt what I thought. Where were the cakes?
Sounds easy enough. I'm going to send you a PM. I am in the market for a printer and have some questions. Maybe you have some answers!
Hi Debbie I was just on your site and saw the iiDesigns. I love them! Love the sample designs that I could see. Do you have to download this to the computer or once you buy the sheets, plus subscription?
One more thing. Does any one have an Epson? Are they good? I'm looking into possibly buying a stand alone. I have a computer but would rather not hook up.
I'm looking into buying a printer for edible images. I have read that you can buy any type of printer, that takes colored cartridges, and use the edible ink cartridges and paper. I'm a bit leary about that statement. I can why one would think it was ok...1. if the printer was brand new 2. if they had never used it with regular colored ink cartridges, and 3. if it was going to be used only for food products.Any thoughts or advice?Thanks,
Have any one found out if we need to get a sales tax if we will rent out equipment or sale gumpaste/royal icing flowers etc.,?
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