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I get a error message with the link Jackie posted.
I'm more of box mix kind of girl! I use the Duncan Hines Red velvet. I add some dry chocolate pudding to the dry, and use buttermilk instead of water. Comes out great!
@Susan0614- I have seen boxes for 4 cupcakes before. I dont remember seeing the plastic ones. @jgifford- that sounds like a great idea. I think I'll offer cupcakes but I dont want to offer all kinds of things. I wanted to keep it simple so I can focus on what I'm selling.
for Valentine's Day? Any one offering anything special for Valentine's Day and how much are you charging?Normally I do chocolate covered starwberries. I have two different prices for them. $10 for strawberries dipped in milk chocolate with some white chocolate/pink drizzle. $15 for strawberries dipped in milk chocolate some will have mini choco chips, pecans, sprinkles, oreo bits, and white chocolate/pink drizzle. I'll also do some cookies (lips and hearts) for $3.00 ea...
Here is the tutorial that I used. Nice directions and pictures.
What speeds are you using to mix?
A couple of questions:1. Do you mix the shortening and liquids together (at one time)? 2.) Do you put all of the p, sugar in at one time or do you gradually add it in?3.) What speed do you start out on?I was always mixing the shortening and liquids at once, until smooth, on speed 2, add half of the p. sugar then the remaining and turning the speed up to 6.
I'm trying it!
christeena, how much liquid do you use? I tried adding more liquid to my icing and it did work but the icing was way to soft. More liquid helped but it was way to soft.
Thanks! I'll try that tonight.
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